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Commercialization of Microfinance: Sri Lanka

[Paperback] Nimal A. Fernando (Foreword)
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The objective of this report is to facilitate the understanding of the process, implications, and approach of commercialization among the stakeholders in microfinance in Sri Lanka. This study considers commercialization of microfinance at both micro and macro levels and analyzes the progress toward commercialization made to date in Sri Lanka's microfinance industry. Also explored are the remaining challenges and implications for various types of stakeholders, including microfinance clients, practitioners, government officials, and funding agencies.

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Stitching Identities in a Free Trade Zone: Gender and Politics in Sri Lanka

[Paperback] Sandya Hewamanne (Author)
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Anthropologist Sandya Hewamanne spent time in a Sri Lankan free trade zone (FTZ) working and living among the workers to learn about their lives. "They were poor women from rural areas," Hewamanne writes, "who migrated to do garment work in transnational factories of a global assembly line. Their difficult work routines and sad living conditions have been examined in detail. When I was with them I often wondered whether anyone noticed the smiles, winks, smirks, gestures, tones of voice, the movies they saw, or the songs they sang." Hewamanne deftly weaves theories of identity, globalization, and cultural politics throughout her detailed accounts of the workers' efforts to negotiate ever shifting roles and expectations of gender, class, and sexuality.

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