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Glorious Jaffna

[Hardcover] Sunela Samaranayake, Tharindu Amunugama (Authors)
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Glorious Jaffna is a quality coffee-table pictorial tome that depicts a once tranquil Sri Lankan district which became a springboard for a senseless secessionist conflict. The photo essay is a tribute to a resilient people and picturesque milieu that had been transformed into a war-ravaged landscape of rebellion, rubble and ruin now ready to rise from the ashes. The quality 180-page tome has been commissioned and published by Asia Capital PLC, the country's largest investment bank, and the flagship of a diversified financial conglomerate. The text and captions by Sunela Samaranayaka in keeping with the tenor of the publication are candidly uncomplicated with no room for misunderstanding.

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